The list

The List

  • Figure out what I want
  • Start running again
  • Learn more on my guitar
  • Find my faith again
  • Return to church
  • Become Active in my church
  • Have me time
  • Sing
  • Remember to say I love you more
  • Paint my room

Mom's and us

Bunny(Clint’s mom), Clint, Me, my Mommy Dance Class 2009. Funny thing our mom’s were friends before we even knew each other, they found out he was my dance partner when my mom told Bunny I had called off my wedding and that I was in ballroom dance with a boy she doesn’t know. Bunny told her that her son was in ballroom dancing with a girl named Katieann, honestly how many Katieann’s are there? Small world ๐Ÿ™‚

Family Photo Day

My family! My mom Donna, My brother David, his wife Kelly and their 4 kids, McKenzie, David Jr, Jesus, and Antonio. My brother John his girlfriend Esther and their kids Dakota and Hunter. My boyfriend Clint and myself

Kindle likes books

My sweet kitty when I first got her

My other Kindle

This is my sweet baby cat Kindle, she is 2 years old and weighs about 14 pounds. When she lays down she looks like a pillow pet

Our own little world

Getting lost in our own little world