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I was born into a active Christian family, my father and mother were active members of our church and my brothers and me loved it as well. When I was 6 years old I begged my parents to allow me to be baptized. My parents wanted me to be sure that I understood the faith and that I was understanding in my actions to become a baptized member. I told them I was and I even had a meeting/lunch date with my pastor (which included a happy meal :D) I was allowed to be baptized after answering all of my pastor’s questions. I told my parents it had to be on Easter, so on April 16, 1995 I was baptized.

That following August my family and I moved to a new town and started attending a new church which was recommended to us by a member of our previous church. We went as a family for 2 years and then my fathers job prevented him from going and my Mom was not comfortable at that church with out him. I however asked to remain attending and my parents allowed me. I went to church on my own from age 8 to age 16. I had to stop going once I started a job where my boss refused to honor giving church goers Sundays off.

Recently I was promoted at my job and have weekends off. I have started to go back to my church and am pleased to be reunited with the Lord. (Yes I did still remain a Christian while not attending church, but it feels more amazing when I am at a church due to my childhood)

My question is this, since I was Baptized at such a young age I feel like maybe I didn’t understand the faith as much as I should have before I was baptized. What are some thoughts on re-baptism? I know that a public announcement of faith is usually enough, however, I feel like a second baptism will feel more appropriate for me, and I can’t shake the feeling that I want to do it again.

Any help is much appreciated, please no hate.


The list

The List

  • Figure out what I want
  • Start running again
  • Learn more on my guitar
  • Find my faith again
  • Return to church
  • Become Active in my church
  • Have me time
  • Sing
  • Remember to say I love you more
  • Paint my room

Mom's and us

Bunny(Clint’s mom), Clint, Me, my Mommy Dance Class 2009. Funny thing our mom’s were friends before we even knew each other, they found out he was my dance partner when my mom told Bunny I had called off my wedding and that I was in ballroom dance with a boy she doesn’t know. Bunny told her that her son was in ballroom dancing with a girl named Katieann, honestly how many Katieann’s are there? Small world 🙂

Family Photo Day

My family! My mom Donna, My brother David, his wife Kelly and their 4 kids, McKenzie, David Jr, Jesus, and Antonio. My brother John his girlfriend Esther and their kids Dakota and Hunter. My boyfriend Clint and myself

Kindle likes books

My sweet kitty when I first got her

My other Kindle

This is my sweet baby cat Kindle, she is 2 years old and weighs about 14 pounds. When she lays down she looks like a pillow pet

What is on Katie’s Kindle?

One of my most beloved things to do is read. I have been been reading ever since I can remember. Its such a great way to escape from the world. So I figured since I am doing this blog I might as well make this a recurring section. What is on Katie’s Kindle?

Good Night Irene An Irene Kelly Novel by Jan Burke

First off, I have read this series a handful of times. Her series was probably my first “grown up” collection. The series is incredible I believe there are maybe 11 in it so far. I could go on about the series but I’m only talking about the very first book right now.


Good Night Irene is a thrilling suspense novel. The main character Irene use to be a reporter for “The Express” in Las Piernas California. She quit after a confrontation with her boss but kept close with her mentor and colleague O’Connor. One night after having a couple of drinks Irene drops O’Connor off at his house and the next morning he opens a package and his house explodes. Irene is then reunited with an old friend homicide detective Frank Harriman. Frank comes Irene’s house by to talk to her, while talking someone in a car shoots at Irene’s house. Irene immediately returns to The Express where O’Connor was working before he was murdered. She goes through his notes and discovers he may have solved a murder that had haunted him for decades “Handless Hannah” a young girl who was found with her face smashed in and her hands and feet cut off to avoid identification. However, using new technology that was unavailable when the case was first under investigation O’Connor had found out who the girl was. Irene and Frank uncover the truth and vow to set it free in honor of O’Connor.

Of course there is a ton more detail that I wont share with you, if interested you will need to read it yourself.

It is without a doubt a page turner from the very beginning, it will leave you wanting more and thankfully Jan Burke delivers a slew of books that follow!

I will have this book re-read by tonight and hopefully start on the next one

Love from KA